Arrancars VS Soul Reapers Summons

Here’s another surprise move by KLab. This is probably THE GACHA that everyone is waiting for. I guess they really want to empty our pockets!

Event Period:

2/29 – 3/3

Introducing 5* Nnoitora and Nelliel, both in their resurrection state. There will be a rate up in this event and is the second only rate up event that happened in Japan so far.

However, please note that they are many other 5* characters that are not mentioned in the Notice,¬†exist in this Event Pull. Which means, although we are getting 5* rate up… it’ll still be difficult to get those 2 Espadas.

bbs_arrancar_char1 bbs_arrancar_char2 bbs_arrancar_char3


Updated: February 29, 2016 — 3:23 pm

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  1. the 4-star nnoitora picture makes my dick hard. is that bad????

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