Attributes and Status Effect

Like most modern Mobile games, your character’s Attributes (element) plays an important part in the game especially PVP. If your character’s Attribute counters the opponent, you’ll be able to deal 1.5x more damage however, if your Attribute is being countered by your opponent, you’ll only be able to deal 0.75x damage.

5 Attributes are:

Red – Power
Green – Technique
Blue – Speed
Purple – Heart
Orange – Mind


Status effect:

  1. Paralyze – Cannot move
  2. Burn* – Damage over time
  3. Poison* – Damage over time
  4. Confuse – Move in Opposite direction
  5. Freeze – Cannot move



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  1. There isn’t missing a status effect? The “Slow down” effect.

  2. What does dodge rate do?

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