Captain Vol.2 and Arrancar Encyclopaedia

This week’s event came a little early together with the new set Special Gacha.

Gacha Event


In this week’s special Gacha, Players will stand a chance to acquire Byakuya (Heart), Aizen (Mind), Kenpachi (Power), Mayuri (Tech) and Soi Fon (Speed).

In my opinion, if you have some gems to spare, this is a pretty good banner to summon. Byakuya is really very strong in PVP while Mayuri’s poison is very useful for boss fights!

Weekly Event


It’s the Arrancar Encyclopaedia! Follow Gin through the 3 difficulty modes to understand more about the Arrancars. Remember to check out the guide here.

Updated: February 24, 2016 — 11:19 pm

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  1. mayuri has nice big lips.. mmm

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