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Event Rewards
Kon_bbqdream Chance for 4* Kisuke

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Please note that these are events happened in the Japanese version. There is no telling when or will it even appear in the Global version.

Event Rewards
kbp_bleach_event3_banner 2 x Normal Summons Ticket

1 x Premium Summons Ticket

Chance for 4* Rukia and 3* Hisagi

bleach_exp_event_banner Boosted Exp Quest
 bleach_summer_banner Chance to win 5* Toshiro Hitsugaya
valentine_banner Chance for 4* Momo and Rukia
Challenge Event
Challenge Event

Past Events

Event Rewards
bleach_minievent_2_banner 2 x Normal Summons Ticket

1 x Premium Summons Ticket

Chance for 3* Rukia and 3* Ichigo

shinji_event_banner 2 x Normal Summons Ticket

1 x Premium Summons Ticket

Chance for 4* Lisa, 3* Shinji and 3* Ichigo

 karakura_event Chance to acquire  4* Shinji (Yukata)
Chance to acquire 4* Gin (Yukata)
 unohana_event_banner  Chance to acquire  4* Retsu
 grimmjow_event2 Chance to acquire  4* Grimmjow
Challenge Event
 6 x Normal Summons Ticket3 x Premium Summons Ticket
 seireitei_banner  Chance to get 4* Byakuya and Sajin
 substitute_banner Chance for 4* Rukia
 fullmoon_banner  Chance for 4* Rangiku

Challenge Event

6 x Normal Summons Ticket

3 x Premium Summons Ticket

 fundraise Chance for 4* Soi Fon
 rufflerumble  Chance to obtain Rose and Love
 greatshowdown event Chance for 4* Mayuri and Szayelaporro
 setsuna event Chance to obtain Izuru Kira
 kaname_event Chance for 4* Kaname
 shinji_event2_banner  Chance for 4* Mashiro
 karaoke  Chance for 4* Rukia and Rangiku
 renji_event_banner Chance for 4* Renji
 cherry_event  5* Byakuya


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  1. Hey, just wondering if you know – are they going to get the rest of the Lieutenants involved? I know a lot of them aren’t featured much in the story, but the Lieutenants of Squads 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, and the two that vie for 13 really should be included!

    At the very least, Isane Kotetsu (Squad 4) would make a good 4* multi-healer… there really should be another option for those of us who haven’t been lucky enough to get a 5* Unohana or Orihime.

    1. You can get orihime as a free pick if you complete soul reaper orders.

  2. How do you use regular stat crystals on 5* character from event that had special crystals just for them?
    Specifically, a while back I got both a 5* Mayuri and Byakuya from seperate events, but in both cases part of the event was “play the event missions to get special crystals just for this character”.
    Now the events are over but I want to increase these 2 characters stats. Every time I go to Soul Tree no matter what stat I click on (ATK, DEF, etc…) it only wants to let me pay by the special “only available during event” crystals.
    Is there any way to fix this?

    1. No u can’t unless u use spirit orbs

    2. No idiot the frenzy characters can only use their special crystals that’s why they call it frenzy cause you have to rush to get all the crystals u need but u were too slow so now that character is stuck where they are at,sucks to be u

      1. No sometimes the events repeat so u can get them again

    3. What I ended up doing was using my event Mayuri to ascend my other 5 sgar mayuri. I had actually just gotten him from the random pull only a few hours before the frenzy event started. Fortunately the only real difference between them was the soul trait, the one I pulled had the super human potion special as well. Though I did feel like an idiot ascending my Byakuya up to +3 before I thought about the fact hes a frenzy character and its not like I can really fill his soul tree. So many other 5 stars I could have ascended instead, like Orihime or Grimmjow, or Tessai.

  3. Just did the Ichigo event a couple of times, but didn’t recive my Ichigo..

    1. Such a useful contribution Eldan! Idiot

  4. They need to make a Hollow (Masked) Ichigo Frenzy!

  5. During 5* event you win the character randomly ??

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    Writing manually is time consuming, but there is solution for this.

    Just search for – Masquro’s strategies

  7. Please add a szayelaporro frenzy please thank you

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