Gacha Ranking

The following rankings are based on my opinion after watching hours of Gameplay Video on YouTube. You may have a different opinion but please respect mine 🙂

Premium Gacha

CharacterAttributeTypeStatsPVEPVPNormal AttackSkillBreakerSpecialTier
Szayelaporro (Vizard)HeartMeleeSSSSA+NoSSS
Ichigo (Vizard)PowerMeleeSSSSSSSSNoSS
Nelliel SpeedMeleeS+SSSSSSSYesSSSS
White IchigoTechMeleeASASSANoAA

Medal Exchange

CharacterAttributeTypeStatsPVEPVPNormal AttackSkillBreakerSpecialTier

Event Gacha

CharacterAttributeTypeStatsPVEPVPNormal AttackSkillBreakerSpecialTier
Renji (Swimsuit)PowerMeleeA+
Yachiru (Valentine)PowerRangeSSSSSASNoSS+
Lisa (Christmas)PowerMeleeS+
Hisagi (White Day)PowerMeleeS+SASA+NoA+A+
Momo (Valentine)TechRangeSAAASNoA+A
Kisuke (Christmas)TechMeleeS
Rengiku (Swimsuit)TechMeleeA
Byakuya (New Year)TechRangeSASASIf you're luckySSS
Rukia (Halloween)TechMeleeS
Hitsugaya (Swimsuit)TechMeleeA
Hitsugaya (White Day)TechMeleeS+S+S+SSSSYesS+S+
Yoruichi (100 Years)TechMeleeSS
Retsu (Swimsuit)TechRangeAAABSNoSA
Hiyori (Christmas)SpeedMeleeS
Byakuya (Swimsuit)SpeedRangeA
Rukia (Valentine)SpeedMeleeS
Gin (White Day)SpeedMeleeS+SSSSSYesSS
Ichigo (Halloween)HeartMeleeA+
Soi Fon (Swimsuit)HeartMeleeA
Sajin (Christmas)HeartMeleeS
Kisuke (100 Years)HeartMeleeS
Kenpachi (White Day)HeartMeleeSSAAAA+NoSA
Hitsugaya (Halloween)HeartMeleeA
Orihime (New Year)HeartMixA+ASASNoSS
Orihime (Halloween)HeartMixA
Aizen (White Day)HeartMeleeSSSSS+S+YesSSSS
Ukitake (Christmas)MindMeleeS
Rangiku (Halloween)MindMeleeB
Tessai (100 Years)MindRangeA+SSSASNoSS+
Kaien (New Year)MindMeleeSSA+SSS
Yoruichi (Swimsuit)MindMeleeA+BAASYesAA
Nelliel (Valentine)MindMeleeS
Grimmjow (White Day)MindMeleeS+SSSSSYesA+S+


CharacterAttributeTypeStatsPVEPVPNormal AttackSkillBreakerSpecialTier
Byakuya (Cherry)PowerRangeSSSASNoSS


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  1. my kenpatchis soul trait is last ditch survival not defense up the Attribute and the Special are the same though

  2. got aizen and grimmjow lol so powerfull both

  3. i have yachiru maxed out… shes such a dirty character

  4. Hey I just started playing and got a 4 star gin how good would that be considered? I also have 4 star byakuya and Retsu, and some 3 stars.

    1. I’d say restart and try again, the more you summon the more you realise 4* isn’t that good as you get a few of these.. I even use 4* to upgrade my 5* characters

      1. I just got my Renji 5 star . Ill keep mainly using byakuya till I can get 2 more.

        1. 5* Renji shouldn’t even count as a 5* tbh. Just re-roll.

        2. That Renji is in terms of power level closer to an average 4 than an average 5 star character
          If you haven’t linked your account that you should consider rerolling.

    2. That sucks man!

  5. I have 2 fresh acounts.
    On one is 5* Kaname(speed) on the other is 5* Szayleporro.
    Trading both of them for a fresh account with 5* Grimmjow(Speed)

    1. For those who don’t know it’s 5* Kaname Tosen. (not sure if everyone knows his name).

      1. hey, im interested in the szayel acc maybe youd be willing to trade forsomeone elsehave practically everyone else xD

        1. I have an account witch Hachigan only using 25 orbs lol, He Litterally the best Ranged Character at PvP lol I had no idea until i saw a forum post about him lol I would be willing to trade

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          2. Nice pics guys, I’m so glad you two got the oppurtunity to have this photo session, its such a good way to capture your love in a visiual way!

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      4. I've been using this gadget and I just noticed it's not working in Firefox 3.6 (tried on both Windows and OSX platforms.) It was working before. Any ideas of what has happened?

      5. Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

      6. Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote informative articles.

      7. That was a beautiful post and a great tribute to your son as well as the coaches. They have a big hand in helping us raise our boys. We have been very fortunate to have such good coaches with our sons. Sports help teach our boys (and girls!) some really good life lessons!

    2. I have one that I got nnoitorra szayleporro and mayuri on my very 1st 10 rolls! Lol now I got grim how and arisen. Add me, my name is GoDragon

      1. Who all do u have on your Szayel account?

  6. I got aizen 5* first roll, and now i have genryusai, renji, sajin , white ichigo all of them 5*. I really would like to have someone like grimmjow or ichigo vizard, any advice on how to get them? And ive got all orbs in any possible way i could lol

    1. I would say to save 250 orbs and pull 10 times for a guaranteed 4* in hopes of those units.

      1. That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for coiutibrtnng.

      2. Valentina,No need to apologize! Your words touched me. I liked what you said about your PLN being a lightbulb. I feel the same, which is a reason I’m passionate about social media. However, like you stated it’s how you use the tools. I can’t wait to see your video on Joyce’s ning!

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  7. This game is great. I just don’t like how grimmjow until recently was the strongest person in the game. Even stronger than aizen. His stats are insane for him as he has all SS RATINGS. I suppose being a fan favorite goes a long way. To me he shouldn’t be stronger than the leader who made him how to his knees with spiritual pressure alone. Great game though.

  8. In the Medal Exchange list, I can’t decide between Tessai, Zangetsu, and Ururu. I’ve heard multiple times Tessai is amazing but I’ve never seen him in action. Zangetsu I haven’t heard much about but his rating seems high on this site. Any suggestions? I have two weeks until I have 800 medals.

    1. Pple choose Tessai purely to counter Grimmjow. If you have a green character such as NY Byakuya, you can give Tessai a miss

      1. I’ve had NY Byakuya practically since I started, almost always slaughters Grim. I just got Past Tessai, too – pretty pumped to finally have another decent ranger, and a non-nerfable one to boot. 😛

  9. I Have the 5 Star (Tech) Uryu, just A BEAST =) Got in my first Summon…Add me ID 38577352

  10. i got ichigo vizard maxed out and grimmow maxed out and 2 inoué all 5* and a 5* bad rinji

  11. Aizen and Szeyel > Nelliel and Genryuusai imo. They are more versatile with their strong attacks and really balance stats

  12. I started playing yesterday and got Grimmjow. It’s great that he has such a high rating! 😀

  13. I also have a White day Gin and Grimjow account with like 700 orbs at ALOT Of Story to do =)

  14. I have seven 5*. Just got the 100 Year Past Yoruichi today. Add me: Zyptic

  15. Where is New Mayuri (Mind) on the tier?

  16. Why are the event gachas not complete? I have a Valentines Rukia and White Day Kenpachi and am wondering if they are better than my Ikakku or My Medal exchange Tessai…

  17. If you haven’t seen Valentine’s Rukia in action, you should – her special hits hard and 100% paralyzes for ~5 seconds in a wide range in front of her. Three of those on a Power (red) boss, alternating with normal attacks, and you’ll win without getting hit even once! Even on other non-Technique (green) bosses, you can wear them down almost to the point where they would use their special, then use Rukia’s over and over before they can.

    She’s darn strong in PVP, too – stat boosting ability, good third strong attack… and the special devastates the enemy – my team’s still active while theirs is paralyzed. Of course, most of the time she doesn’t need it since the enemy’s dead before even one soul bomb.

    One caveat: While her second strong attack STARTS fast, it finishes slow… she stands still nearly a second after completing the attack before she can move again.

  18. What is the 100 Year Yoruichi stats?

    1. It seems like most if not all of the short range melee characters don’t do very well in PvP. I try to stay away from them…

  19. i have 5* team white ichigo, genryusai and yourichi. team power 468 and with attack strategz its 507. for some reason i lose a lot against all range and recently from Szalaporo. anz tips what should i do? change some1 from team? boost dmg via items? thx!

  20. How do you get the free/event ichigo and toshiro?

  21. I was wondering if anyone knew how to trade accounts on this game?

    1. Alrhgit alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

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  22. Get a level5

    1. A get5 level one

  23. What does the breaker category refer to?

  24. trade nnotoira account

  25. I do appreciate the time you put into this reference and I admit lots of it is helpful. But your belief about the new free Byakuya strong skill is ridiculous. It is the strongest set of strong skills there is. One of them dashes right through everything, mauling all suckers in the way. One of them ties up the enemy in a damage vacuum while you can heirl #&$^ at them for monster damage. The skills are the best, it is just that his overall skill points are low or trust me, those skills would be terribly strong. SS for the way the skill work, and SS for having two soul traits.

  26. The Speed Byakuka has 2 breakers. Im confused on why it says he has no breakers

    1. 1 Breaker* The Vacuum thing doesn’t really count as a breaker

      1. What does having a breaker mean?

  27. Anyone want to trade profiles I need a white ichigo and a lot of spirit orbs I got 3 5* renji and 2 of that lady wth the purple hair and a 4* eizen ?

  28. I have the following characters in 5 stars and am thinking of trading accounts. Both Genryusais’,Grimmjow, Aizen,Szayelaporro,Renji (terrible of course),old Mayuri and the old Uryu(that fought the old Mayuri in the earlier episodes)Tessia and about 900 medals. is my email. Message offers with details

    1. Anybody know whether Byakuya, Aizen, or Bankai Ichigo is the best? I see all the rankings, but I do not know which of these to choose in the new Soul Reaper Challenge Orders? Please help me decide. Also, could you tell me what these three specialize in?

    2. you still have? I have account with 2nd release ulquiorra maxed out, Aizen maxed out, hollified I high maxed, 702 power in pvp.

  29. Gamer tag is Vorgias83

  30. Where I can find power orbs for uograde kurotsuchi mayuri 5*???

  31. I just found isshin, but the site shows only the ss for the stats, what about the rest?

    1. Please someone tell us the viability of isshin in pvp and everything else!

  32. I have ichigo vizard max Ulquiorra and grimjow soooo

    1. I got Nnoritra today…
      N i saw ur review… vdat make me happy

  33. So I got a 5* thats not on this list, barragan, an Arrancar the Segundo or 2nd in Aizen’s army or something, the old guy, he has an appearance as a skeleton king or something idk. Don’t see him on this list so I don’t know if this guys good or not.

  34. I have a Genryusai 6* lvl.105

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  36. I got a white ichigo 6* who thinks I should switch him for either eizen or byakuya

    1. There both 5* though

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