Past Characters Added to Current Medal Exchange

Alright guys, seems like KLab has decided to add all the past PVP Medal Exchange characters to the current pool. So remember to plan which to get first!

Event Details:

Some popular characters will be available at the Medal Exchange

Event Period:

1/2 00:00 – 4/1 23:59 (JPT)


kbp_pvp_char1 kbp_pvp_char2

Since we have only 2 months to farm and save up 800 medals, you have to plan in advance which character you want to get (unless you rank first every week for the next 2 months). If you work hard enough, most of us should be able to exchange at least 2 out of the current 5 characters (including Pesche).

Based on the stats and skills, everyone should aim for Zangetsu > Toshiro or Ururu > Tessai.

Updated: February 1, 2016 — 2:40 am


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  1. 1/31 to 3/31 that’s 2 months to farm unless you are counting from release date.

    1. oh yeah maths fail T.T

  2. according to the jap bbs, actually Tessai & Toshiro are the more worth to exchange chars…

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