Soul Tree and Stats

Each character has its own unique Soul Tree. The higher the rarity of your character, the more stuff you can unlock from your Soul Tree. You’ll need to collect a set amount of Crystals to unlock the relevant Soul Tree. Alternatively, you can use Gems (Spirit Orbs) to unlock the Soul Tree.

kbp_atkAttack SoulIncreases the character's Attack
kbp_defDefense SoulIncreases the Character's Defense
kbp_stamStamina SoulIncreases the character's HP
kbp_focusFocus SoulIncreases the character's chance to score a critical hit
kbp_sprSpiritual Pressure SoulIncreases the damage output of Skills and Bankai Moves
kbp_ssSpecial SoulIncreases the level Soul Trait (Leader Skill) and also improves the effect of Character Links
kbp_sslotSlot SoulIncreases the number of link slots
kbp_lvlupLeveling SoulUnique to 5* characters. Increase the level cap of 5* characters. Unlock at level 80



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  1. Hey, I was wondering if you knew how damage is calculated, specifically for PvP.

    1. Simple average. A+b+c=d d÷3=average

  2. how does soul trait or special soul affect the character?

    1. Soul Trait = When Character X is linked (equipped) to Character Y, Character Y gains that stat, or simply… if you take a 5 star Renji, whose soul trait is +27 Attack and equip him to a 5 star Kenpachi, Kenpachi gains 27 attack points in his stats.

      Special Soul = Increasing this stat will raise your Soul Trait stats, simply put a 3 star Yumichika has a +9 Attack soul trait (max +15), if you equip him to another character when you get him, he only gives you +9 attack, but if you level up the Special Soul to max, he will give you +15 attack instead.

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  3. purchased “slot soul” but not sure how it applied to my character?

  4. purchased “slot soul” not sure how it was applied to my characters?

    1. When you enter the ‘augment’ menu in your character info, and then select the ‘character link’ tab, you can link other characters to yours.

      Doing this will cause the other character’s soul traits to affect your main character. (You can check your character’s soul trait in character info)

      By default you can only link 1 character, but when you level up ‘slot soul’ the number increases.

      Hope this helped. Have fun!

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  5. How to you level the special move I’m at 100 but my special is still at 1

    1. from
      “the new system for leveling up Special Moves lets players strengthen their most powerful attacks by combining two of the same character for Ascensions. This rule only applies to characters of the exact same rarity and type”.

      So when going in to the Augment menue, any exact doubles will have a “SPECIAL UP!” badge on them, which will up the special move level when fused

  6. How do you use regular stat crystals on 5* character from event that had special crystals just for them?
    Specifically, a while back I got both a 5* Mayuri and Byakuya from seperate events, but in both cases part of the event was “play the event missions to get special crystals just for this character”.
    Now the events are over but I want to increase these 2 characters stats. Every time I go to Soul Tree no matter what stat I click on (ATK, DEF, etc…) it only wants to let me pay by the special “only available during event” crystals.
    Is there any way to fix this?

    1. There IS no way to fix it. That’s the whole point of the frenzy events. Once the event is over, you can’t get any more of the crystals. You’ll never be able to level their soul trees.

      1. You could invest orbs instead, but the possibility to get the special crystals is gone for this time.

      2. Yes you will they have already did another byakuya frenzy but when you get another 5☆byakuya you will y get the 50orbs for completing the first one.

        Does anyone know if you can fuse 3☆gloves with 3☆ faultless immutable ball to get 4☆ gloves if so whats the boost?

        1. There are no 4* gloves… Sorry

  7. How do you get the killer move that is grayed out on the 5*’s?

    1. The killer attribute is reserved for the *6 characters (you fuse 5* + Hogyoku gem to get *6).
      It’s a bonus attribute (like Mind,Heart etc) that gives advantage or weakness to other Killer attributes

      1. what do you mean by this? will you explain it very clearyly? thanks

  8. How do I unlock the 3rd slot for the team? I only have 2 slots so I can only level up 2 characters and have 2 people in the CPU battles

  9. why dont we have a 5 star rukia and no 4 star glove

  10. How do you increase a soul trait to max?

    1. via the soul tree, on the right branch, your gonna need Crystals or orbs if you want

      1. oh and also make sure your char is lvl 100 to max out the very last of your soul trait. it wont unlock until you max your 5* to lvl 100

  11. So the can the same characters soul trait always used on itself, or is it only for link purposes?

  12. Hi. does SP affect physical strong attacks? or just magic based strong attacks and specials?

  13. How do I evolve units

    1. 3 hogyoku + maxed 5* char with 100% soul tree = 6* level 1

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