Story Mode

There are 3 Requirements for every mission. You’ll get 5 Soul Orbs for fulfilling all the 3 requirements.

The main requirements are:
1. Defeat the Boss.
2. Clear the quest without any member being knocked out.
3. Clear the quest in 3m 0s or less.

Sometimes, there will be special requirements for a certain mission so do take note before starting your battle.

Chapters – click on the chapters to see the stage details.

chapter1 chapter2 chapter3

chapter4 chapter5 chapter6_pic



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  1. when will part 6 be released?

  2. You guys need to update yourre character list and ranking theres been quite a few five star characters added.

  3. When part 8 going to be released? Because I finished 1-7 part but is part 8 going to stop at 257 or going to stop at 300 I hope it last until 366

  4. Really need a way to get more soul orbs..they have this huge summer or sommononing and unless a player buys the orbs they can’t really participate

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