The Past – Summons Event

Looks like we are getting another Rate up event!

The 5* Characters in “The Past Summons” are Yoruichi Shihoin, Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi! There are some awesome powers added to 3 characters which makes me wonder why are they so weak 100 years later… Aizen looks so much fatter 100 years ago…

Sadly, we will be having the “The Past Event”.

Event Period:

3/31 – 4/3

Gacha Characters:

thepast_event_char1 thepast_event_char2

thepast_event_char4 thepast_event_char3

Updated: March 31, 2016 — 3:26 pm


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  1. Rate up my ass!
    I started a new account a few days ago just for this, and saved almost 2k orbs.
    After 80+ characters summoned, I’ve got 2 5*’s.

  2. I did 2 multi summons and pulled four 5* lol (hiyori, shinji, hachigen and aizen) 😀

  3. Does anyone know what other random 5 stars are involved? I got Kenpachi Mind, and Hiyori.
    (I also got Kensei 4* and Kisuke 5* Captains outfit)

    Would be great if we could post what other five stars, and be specific on the costume or specials.

    5*Kenpachi mind uses the golden getsuga (lol)
    5*Hiyori is the normal hiyori 5 star from visored saga

  4. It tells you under “details” which characters are involved with each summon….I did 3 summons and got yoruichi tessia and the better mayuri

  5. I pulled two 10-spots, got 2 5* my very first two draws (Yoruichi, Hiyori)… I was totally freaking out!

    Then NOTHING for ages – 17 3*s and 4*s I already had. NO 5*s, NO new 4*s. Again, freaking out! Then, on the very last one… Tessai!

    Reinvigorated, I leveled characters like mad, scraped together 200 orbs, pulled 8 single draws, and FINALLY got ONE new 4*, Ukitake.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m super glad I got those 5*s, but disappointed I missed out on the other 4*s. I really wanted Lisa… for personal reasons… ⌐.⌐ …don’t ask.

    1. Did you do the Premium summonning? Past Event was over on the 3rd of April

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