3* Characters Drop List

3* characters a usually use for Ascending your higher rank characters. Use this is to help you plan where to farm.

Note: If you find other characters in other stage, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll update the table.


Image Character Normal Mode Hard Mode Event Drop
 shunsui_power_3 Shunsui 2-55
 ikkaku_power_3 Ikkaku 2-39
 ichigo_power_3 Ichigo 1-26
 renji_power_3 Renji 1-21
 kenpachi_power_3 Kenpachi 2-49  Gotei 13
 sajin_power_3 Sajin 3-74
 Gotei 13
 kaien_power_3 Haien 6-184


Image Character Normal Mode Hard Mode Event Drop
 ukitake_tech_3 Ukitake 3-107
 Gotei 13
Ayasegawa_tech_3 Ayasegawa 2-39
 mayuri_tech_3 Mayuri 3-68
Gotei 13
 momo_tech_3 Momo 2-40
 rangiku_tech_3 Rangiku 3-101
 orihime_tech_3 Orihime 1-8
 izuru_tech_3 Izuru 3-101
 shinji_tech_3 Shinji 4-113


Image Character Normal Mode Hard Mode Event Drop
 ishida_speed_3 Uryu 1-17
 rukia_speed_3 Rukia 1-3
 gin_speed_3 Gin 3-88
Gotei 13
 soifan_speed_3 Soifon 3-98
 yoruichi_speed_3 Yoruichi 2-61
 tosen_speed_3 Tosen 3-74
 byakuya_speed_3 Byakuya 2-62
 Gotei 13


Image Character Normal Mode Hard Mode Event Drop
 izuru_mnd_3 Izuru 3-101
 momo_mnd_3 Momo 2-90
 ishida_mnd_3 Uryu 5-179 1-17
 tosen_mnd_3 Tosen 3-78
 ukitake_mnd_3 Ukitake 3-107
 shunsui_mnd_3 Shunsui 2-55
 gin_mnd_3 Gin 3-88
 toshiro_tech_3 Hitsugaya 4-130
 Gotei 13
 byakuya_mnd_3 Byakuya 2-61
 mayuri_mnd_3 Mayuri 2-70
 rangiku_mnd_3 Rangiku 3-101
 urahara_mnd_3 Urahara 5-159


Image Character Normal Mode Hard Mode Event Drop
 renji_heart_3 Renji 2-55
 sajin_heart_3 Sajin 3-74
 ichigo_heart_3 Ichigo 4-118
5 179
Kon Calamity Event
 yoruichi_heart_3 Yoruichi 2-62
 soifan_heart_3 Soifon 3-98
 ikkaku_heart_3 Ikkaku 4-122
 rukia_heart_3 Rukia 4-140
Kon Calamity Event
 chad_heart_3 Chad 4-122
 Ayasegawa_heart_3 Ayasegawa 1-41


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  2. Haien – does that means we can only get Haien on part 6

    1. Jhonata Ramos Batista


  3. DROP:

    (Heart) Kenpachi

  4. does anyone know where is Speed White Ichigo drop ?

  5. DROP:

    4-140 hard
    (SPEED) Byakuya

  6. Mind Urahara stage 5-157 normal

  7. what is the first number mean and what is the second 5-157

    1. The first number mean the # of the stage then the other numbers mean the # of the chapter in that stage.

  8. The “Mind” Momo is in 3-90 not 2-90.

  9. Ayasegawa in 1 – 41? but pt1 have only 29 stages D:

  10. Hey I am only getting Mind Gin in the 3-88 to 3-91. Anyone know where the Speed Gin might be found?

  11. There’s an error in one of the listings. It lists Purple Yumichika as dropping in 1-41 when there is no 1-41. It means 2-41.

    1. A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for coturibnting!

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  12. DROP:
    (heart) Yumichika

  13. DROP:
    (heart/purple) Yumichika

    NOT (technique/green)

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  14. Drop:
    (heart) Rukia
    6-184 (Normal)

  15. all the stages that said you can get green momo i tried 50 times each place and still no drop can someone tell me if theres another place that i can get her if not listed on here

  16. Kaien not Haien please.

  17. (heart) yumichika confirmed to be dropped on 2-40, i tried on 2-41 and i only get 2 star characters, this list needs to be fixed

    i also got (heart) ikkakku on 2-46

    1. are you sure?? that’s the only 3* missing for me, and i’m not having any success on finding him at 2-41

    2. I am forever indebted to you for this inrtmfaoion.

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  18. byakuya speed 2-63

  19. CHAD HEART 5-164

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    2. lol thanks. I have a feeling I’m going to need it! I really wish I was better prepared, but am sure something will crop up to inspire me once I get out of this sleep deprivation fog anyways.

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  20. 4-127
    Hirako Shinji

  21. I remember that you can get Shinji on Normal mode at Part 4 as well.

    1. Gee whiz, and I thguhot this would be hard to find out.

    2. there don’t seem to be any negatives. I can’t afford it just yet – discovering the first month of middle school is expensive with PE clothes, school photos, art supplies, and of course I had to try and support my daughter in the school fundraiser -magazine sales – by renewing our few subscriptions. Maybe next month.

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  22. got intelligent Gin 3-90 hard

  23. Does anyone know where is white ichigo drop or hisage

    1. Holy shintiz, this is so cool thank you.

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  24. DROP:

    4-141 HARD
    (Heart) Kenpachi

    1. Your post has moved the debate forrwad. Thanks for sharing!

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  25. Can’t find Izuru mind on hard mode 3-101..Are you sure that is the right chapter? I find only two stars characters.

    1. Yes, I dropped him there few days ago.

  26. Where can I find a Kenpachi at?? I’ve been doing 2-49 and all I had been getting is 3 star renji!

  27. Anyone know where Hiyori drops?

  28. Power Kaien 6-190

  29. How can we possibly get technique Hinamori if among the 6 listed levels 4 are mind and 2 are speed?

  30. Casually someone has a list of where to get 1 star characters in the story mode in co -op or

    1. Look to Story Mode -> Chapter 1 and 2

  31. where is orihime technique drop i tried in 1-8, 1-10, 1-11, 1-12 but only appear Orihime heart

  32. Doeas anyone can tell me where Power Renji is easier to drop ? ( I tryed several times between 21- 22 in hard mode but nothig just 2 stars )… Does he may be dropped according to defeating the chapter boss ?

  33. народ подскажите откуда падает тосиро синий и Ayasegawa фиол если я не могу никак их в 40 41 выбить

    1. осталось только тоширо выбить скорость speed синий подскажите где выбить

  34. Sajin(Heart) 3-80 Hard mode

  35. (Heart) Renji 2-57

  36. yumichika heart(purple) 2-40 hard

  37. Heart Chad 5-178 hard

  38. (Tech) Rangiku 4-133 hard

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  39. (Mind) Hinamori 3-88 hard

  40. 1-28 hard Ichigo (heart)

  41. do these need a certain requirement to be obtained

  42. Any change for drop list… I begin with 1st Update…. Chapter 157 Uryu’s Theory
    Kisuke (orange) Coin drop 11%

  43. Anybody find a Shuhei 3 stars?

  44. Where can I find (speed) White Ichigo and (mind) Shuhei Hisagi?

  45. Has anyone found shuhei hisagi?

    1. 9-252 normal, i get one, try to get another – none, my it was luck by the first time

    2. 9-252 normal, i get one, try to get another – none, my it was luck by the first time

    3. Just for one – Power, so you will find Shuhei in this Quest, good luck

  46. 141/4 is not dropin kenpachi heart!

  47. Where can i get 2 star Ulquiorra ??

  48. Not sure if this is still getting updated

    Mind Uryu 3* on 5-178

  49. Where can you get 2* Kon

  50. como puedo conseguir 3 estrellas haien

  51. chapter 285 hard – 3* hitsugaya(orange)/momo(orange)/rangiku(orange)/soi fon(purple)

  52. 3* i need:
    White ichigo Speed
    Shuei power

    2* :
    Rukia speed
    Hanataro mind
    Kon power
    Kisuke power
    Kensei tecnique
    Mashiro tecnique

    1* :
    Orihime tecnique
    Rukia speed
    Inchigo heart
    Ganju mind
    Uryuu speed
    Chad power


  53. Does the soul tree need to be complete first before you evolve them

  54. where can i find 1 star ichigo i need to captue him so i can max him for free gems and i accidentally fed him to another soul reaper 🙁

  55. drop mayuri?

    1. mayuri 5 star silver.. ?

  56. Where can I get ambassador seaweed 2 star

  57. Its kinda sad we dont get a 3 star Chad at the beginning how are we supposed to save rukia ?

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