Bleach Brave Souls v2.4 Update – Patch Notes

Maintenance is over and we have the patch notes for this version 2.4 update!

1. The Co-op Quest UI has been completely reworked.
2. Event Quest UI updated.
3. Data Link UI updated to make the Data Link status easier to understand.
4. Orders have been improved to allow for event-specific orders.
5. Slight change to the Soul Trait tooltip.


5 gems are rewarded to all players who update their app!

Updated: April 19, 2016 — 11:51 am


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  1. with the new update, it got rid of getting orbs in co-op. that was a great way to get orbs without paying. they should bring that feature again.

    1. You only get 300 orbs from co-op 3 per person times 100 people at least as far as I knew about it.

  2. Correct. Though I do not know if they actually did remove that for new players.

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