Chapter 1

Normal Mode

Quest Attribute EXP Crystals Character Drops 1-2* Special Requirements
1 Power 45
2 Power 65
3 Power 104 Small Ichigo
4 Power 115 Small
5 Story
6 Power 116 Small Ichigo
7 Story
8 Tech 127 Small, Medium
9 Tech 116 Small
10 Tech 125 Small
11 Tech 127 Small
12 Mind 161 Small
13 Story
14 Speed 174 Small, Medium
15 Speed 186 Small
16 Power 204 Small
17 Mind 204 Small Ichigo, Orihime Include Orihime in Party
18 Speed 192 Small Chad
19 Heart 186 Small
20 Story
21 Mind  ? Small Achieve 30-Hit Combo
22 Mind  ? Small Achieve 30-Hit Combo
23 Power  ? Small Don’t get hit by Status effect
24 Power  ? Small Achieve 30-Hit Combo
25 Story
26 Heart  ? Small Clear without using Auto
27 Story
28 Mind  ? Small Include Ichigo in Party
29 Story

Hard Mode

Quest Attribute EXP Crystals Character Drops 3* Special Requirements
1 Power 153 Small, Medium
2 Power 142 Small
3 Power 208 Small, Medium Kuchiki Rukia
4 Power 284 Small, Medium
5 Story
6 Power 246 Small, Medium Kuchiki Rukia
7 Story
8 Tech 296 Small Inoue Orihime
9 Tech 200 Small
10 Tech 280 Small, Medium Inoue Orihime
11 Tech 310 Small Inoue Orihime
12 Mind 270 Small Inoue Orihime
13 Story
14 Speed 390 Small, Medium
15 Speed 350 Small, Medium
16 Power 417 Small, Medium Ishida Uryuu
17 Mind 564 Small, Medium Ishida Uryuu
18 Speed 512 Small, Medium Ishida Uryuu
19 Heart 186 Small Ishida Uryuu
20 Story
21 Mind 620 Small Abarai Renji
22 Mind 594 Small Abarai Renji
23 Power 451 Small Abarai Renji
24 Power 407 Small Abarai Renji
25 Story
26 Heart 440 Small Kurosaki Ichigo
27 Story
28 Mind 400 Small, Medium
29 Story


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  1. Normal mode 28-Chad,Uryuu

  2. Normal mode 26-Chad,Uryuu

    1. Normal mode 26-Chad,Uryuu,Orihime

  3. Normal mode 24-Chad,Uryuu,Orihime

  4. Normal mode 21-Chad,Orihime

  5. Normal mode 19-Orihime,Ichigo

  6. Normal mode 16-Chad

  7. Normal mode 15-Orihime

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    2. Does anyone know to play offline? i made an account but before that i could play offline and i had all the weapons and could hunt all the animals on the small map, but not anymore since i’ve installed the patch for online playing, if anyone knows how to reset it od something like that please feel free to answer me, cheers!

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