Chapter 3

Normal Mode

Quest Attribute EXP Crystals Character Drops 1-2* Special Requirements
67 Story
68 Heart 279 Small, Medium
69 Heart 397 Small
70 Power 491 Small, Medium Ishida, Rukia
71 Power 563 Small, Medium, Large Orihime
72 Mind 477 Small Ishida, Rukia
73 Mind 423 Small Clear with Ishida in Party
74 Technique 496 Small, Medium, Large Ganju
75 Technique 436 Small, Medium Rukia, Hanataro Don’t get hit by Status effect
76 Technique 493 Small, Medium
77 Story
78 Technique 508 Small, Medium Ichigo, Orihime
79 Heart 477 Small, Large Rukia
80 Power 448 Small
81 Story
82 Heart 405 Small, Large Ichigo, Ganju
83 Speed 513 Small, Medium
84 Speed 522 Small, Medium Don’t get hit by Status effect
85 Heart 477 Small Kukaku
86 Heart 576
87 Story
88 Mind 593 Small Chad, Ichigo, Ishida Achieve 50-hit combo
89 Mind 540 Small, Medium, Large Rukia Achieve 50-hit combo
90 Mind 509 Small Chad Achieve 50-hit combo
91 Speed 482 Small, Medium Rukia Achieve 50-hit combo
92 Heart 563 Small
93 Heart 466 Small, Large
94 Story
95 Heart 510 Small, Medium Ichigo
96 Story
97 Heart 612
98 Power 629 Small, Medium Ishida
99 Power 469 Small, Medium Orihime
100 Speed 520 Small, Medium Don’t get hit by Status effect
101 Technique 600 Small, Medium
102 Story
103 Technique 320 Small
104 Mind 234
105 Story
106 Story
107 Speed 560 Small, Medium Rukia Clear without using Auto
108 Speed 490 Small, Medium, Large Chad Don’t get hit by Status effect
109 Story
110 Mind 726 Small Chad Clear without using Auto

Hard Mode

Quest Attribute EXP Crystals Character Drops 3* Special Requirements
67 Story
68 Heart 494 Mayuri
69 Heart 713 Mayuri
70 Power 875 Mayuri
71 Power 914 Mayuri
72 Mind 798 Mayuri
73 Mind 812 Mayuri
74 Technique 834 Tosen, Sajin
75 Technique 871 Tosen, Sajin
76 Technique 770 Tosen, Sajin
77 Story
78 Technique 987 Tosen, Sajin
79 Heart 918 Tosen, Sajin
80 Power 910 Tosen, Sajin
82 Heart 737 Byakuya
83 Speed 989 Byakuya
84 Speed 1040 Byakuya
85 Heart 700 Byakuya
86 Heart 916
87 Story
88 Mind 1118 Momo, Gin
89 Mind 910 Momo, Gin
90 Mind 882 Momo, Gin
91 Speed 826 Momo, Gin
92 Heart 1066 Byakuya
93 Heart 821 Byakuya
94 Story
95 Heart 966 Byakuya
96 Story
97 Heart 900 Byakuya
98 Power 768 Soi Fon
99 Power 788 Soi Fon
100 Speed 705 Soi Fon
101 Technique 1070 Rangiku, Izuru
102 Story
103 Technique 447 Rangiku, Izuru
104 Mind 329 Rangiku
105 Story
106 Story
107 Speed 975 Jushiro, Shunsui
108 Speed 955 Jushiro, Shunsui
109 Story
110 Mind 1499 Gin, Jushiro, Shunsui


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  1. Normal mode 83-Ichigo2*

  2. Normal mode 84-Ichigo2*

  3. Normal mode 88-Kukaku,Ganju

  4. Normal mode 89-Ganju

  5. Normal mode 92-Kukaku,Hanataro

  6. Normal mode 93-Ganju,Hanataro

  7. Normal mode 98-Ganju,Chad

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