Female Shinigami



Event Details:

During this event, defeated enemies may drop rare characters while bosses may drop 4* Retsu. There is no limit to the number of 4* characters you can earn in this way.


2/17 16:00 – 2/23 15:59


Chance to obtain the following Characters:


4* Unohana (heart), 3* Soifon (Heart), 3* Shunsui (Mind), 3* Izuru


Mission Defeat the boss
Clear the quest without any member being knocked out
Clear within 3 minutes, 0 seconds or less
Boss Pike Hollow Lv6 (Power)
Experience point 385
Acquisition item Small and Medium Crystals
Small and Medium EXP Crystals
3* Shunsui
Coins 308


Mission Defeat the boss
Clear the quest without any member being knocked out
Clear within 3 minutes, 0 seconds or less
Boss Armoured Hollow Lv 15 (Power)
Experience point 714
Acquisition item Small and Medium Crystals
Small and Medium EXP Crystals
3* Soifon
Coins  490

Very Hard

Mission Defeat the boss
Clear the quest without any member being knocked out
Clear within 3 minutes, 0 seconds or less
Boss Shunshui Lv30 (Tech)
Experience point 950
Acquisition item Small, Medium and Large Crystals
Small, Medium and Large EXP Crystals
3* Shunshui, 3* Soifon, 3* Izuru, 4* Unohana
Coins 665


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  1. Event already ended btw.

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