Seireitei Film Festival – And the Winner is…..

A brand new event is here and coincidentally, it’s related to the Oscars! Join Ichigo and the Soul Reapers in this season’s Seireitei Film Festival!

Event Details:

During this event, defeated enemies may drop 3* characters while Bosses will also have a chance to drop 4* Characters. Similar to the Yukata event, there will be 2 banners for players to challenge, each will have a chance to drop a respective 4* character.

seireitei_banner1 seireitei_banner2


3/1 – 3/10

For more information on the event, do remember to check out the detailed guide here.

Updated: March 1, 2016 — 4:07 pm


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  1. Zaraki droped me Sajin.

  2. Rukia can drop Byakuya. She did on my first try.

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