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Take a look at current and past Summon Events


Current Summons Event(s) running:

Event Description
Ulquiorra Szayelaporro
Shinji Byakuya

Upcoming Summons Event

Possible Upcoming Event(s):

Please note that these are Gacha events happened in the Japanese version. There is no telling when or will it even appear in the Global version.

Event Description
  bleach_gacha_1 Quincy
bleach_gacha_2 Swimsuit
 bleach_gacha_3 Soul Reaper VS Arrancar
 bleach_gacha_4  Halloween 1
 bleach_gacha_5  Halloween 2
 bleach_gacha_6  Vichigo VS Grimmjow
 bleach_gacha_7  Gotei 13
 bleach_gacha_8  Team Aizen
 bleach_gacha_9  Christmas 1
 bleach_gacha_10 Heart VS Tech
 bleach_gacha_11  Christmas 2
 bleach_gacha_12  Power VS Mind

Past Summons Event

Event Rewards
bleach_newyearsummon_banner New Year Characters
vizard_selection Vizard Characters
 vday_event_banner Valentine’s Day Characters
 captainpart2_banner  Captains Vol. 2
 bbs_arrancar_banner Espadas and Soul Reapers


 speedvsheart_banner Speed VS Heart
 techmind_banner  Retsu, Mayuri, Aizen, Orihime
 thepast_event_banner  Gotei 13 100 Years beforeRate Up!


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  1. Why not have the ‘premium’ gocha banner up as well in the section on summoning banners?

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  2. i want szayel 5* give us espada gacha next :3

  3. Open all the story chapters that way things will be more interesting….and find a way to gather more orbs because more people aren’t coming back until new chapter to collect the price on orbs are really least one gift when opening game should be 250 orbs twice throughout every two weeks.

  4. Would anyone who has a 5* Hiyori trade me for my account? I’ve got 4 5* (szayleporro level 78, renji, byakuya, ichigo) and a couple of 4*? If you are willing, please let me know. I only started playing this game to play as Hiyori but I haven’t been able to summon her so Im losing interest.

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    4. I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

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    6. Superb information here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

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  5. when will come the Quincy event?

  6. how do I get the hinamori?

  7. – Ujayemadi Eleqvbu

  8. – Igninahi Uzuszoy

  9. – Uqobuf Uhuwudok

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