Valentine’s Summons and Quest Changes

As I suspected, we will be getting the same Summon event as Japan and this time, it’s the Valentine’s Day Summon!

Event Details

The most beautiful ladies in Brave Souls, all in one place! Special edition Valentine’s characters available for a limited time only.


2/8 16:00 – 2/14 23:59 (JPT)

New Characters

Image Name Rarity Attribute Max HP Max Atk Max Def Max Focus Max SP Special Skill Soul Link
momo_vday_5  Momo ★ 5  Tech 644 383 233 193 502 Eyeglass Cookies Strong Attack Dmg+20 (Max)
rukia_vday_5  Rukia ★ 5 Speed 657 387 260 199 445 Chocolate Chappy Recover 20% Stamina between Zone (Max)
nel_vday_5  Nelliel ★ 5 Mind 657 422 257 202 413 Nel’s Affection Normal Attack + 20 (Max)
yachiru_vday_5  Yachiru ★ 5 Power 635 420 248 285 430 All For You Dodge +11
 rangiku_vday_4  Rangiku ★ 4  Power 544 263 225 170 278 Don’t Forget to Return the Favor SP + 21 (Max)
 soifon_vday_4 Soi Fon ★ 4 Heart 544 290 227 165 259 Heart’s Desire Attack +21 (Max)



Note: Special Summons will only be available for a certain period of time. It’s a separate pull table so you will not find these special summons in the Original Summons. If you miss this period, you will not be able to get the Event Summon characters again (unless KLab brings them back again). 

New Technique

A new technique that is ideal for Co-Op Quests will be introduced with the new characters (Rukia and Nel).


New Daily and Weekly Quest

Running out of Spirit Orbs? Fret not! Now you can earn some Orbs by completing Daily and Weekly Quest! Also, Co-op missions are now part of the Daily and Weekly Quest requirement. It’s time to form a pre-made party with me and complete these Co-op Quest!

Before you guys decide to pull or not.. Watch this tragedy video:

Updated: February 9, 2016 — 2:54 pm


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