White Day Gacha Vol. 1

As we approach White day, the second half of Valentine’s Day where men are supposed to give return gifts to the women whom gifted them chocolates on the Valentine’s day, Bleach Brave Souls will be celebrating the event with a 2 part Gacha Event.

Event Details

March 14 is White Day in Japan, when men give presents to women in return for the gifts of chocolate they receive on Valentine’s Day. The three characters below have all put a lot of effort into preparing presents to say thank you to all the ladies who gave them chocolates.

Part One of the event consists of 3 special White Day Spiky Hair Characters, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi and Hisagi.

Event Period

3/9 – 3/18

Image Name Attribute Max Stam Max Atk Max Def Max Focus Max SP Special Soul Link
Tōshirō Hitsugaya ★ 5 [White Day] Tōshirō Hitsugaya ★ 5 [White Day] Tech 687 405 290 219 406 A giant ice flower that freezes and severely damages any enemy it touches Dodge 11% (At Max)
Kenpachi Zaraki ★ 5 [White Day] Kenpachi Zaraki ★ 5 [White Day] Heart 701 448 244 210 442 Yachiru throws presents that confuse and severely damage any enemy they hit Strong Attack 20% (At Max)
Hinokisaki Osamuhei ★ 5 [White Day] Shūhei Hisagi ★ 5 [White Day] Power 692 425 282 225 393 Shuhei throws a giant bag of presents to damage any enemies it hits. Normal Attack 20% (At Max)
Updated: March 9, 2016 — 3:16 pm

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